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Sameer Kolhar

Sameer Kolhar

Hey There.

I'm Sameer/Sam and I'm passionate about problem solving.

I use the computer as a medium to provide and describe solutions to problems. I like to work on problems related to Parsers, Compilers and the Web 🕸! I love writing code using parens (()) and lambdas(ƛ)!

Visit the Blog to see what is and what was on my 🧠!

Latest Posts

i just gave my first talk.

Hello, World


  • lisp-y - A Clojure interpreter written in JS.
  • goki - A toy redis-like database system implemented in Go.
  • snake-game - A snake game implemented in JS.
  • game-of-life - A Game of Life simulator implemented in Rust.
  • aoc - My solutions to Advent of Code.